Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stock up

Last night was a supper out since it was Nick's last night in country after three weeks. What better way to send someone off than dinner at Pizza House? But first we had an opportunity to make a stop at Stock...a Costco-ish store where having a membership lowers prices for those that shop for more than just one or two items, but is not required. As we directly showed Nick and Jana...we have a membership.

Unlike life in the US for the most part...when a good deal presents itself here, you must jump on it, or it will be lost. When we saw cheap only thought was "how do we leave enough space in the car for all of us to sit?" Add to that a very good deal on pretzels and a few other items...and we stocked up. We are fortunate enough to plan to the point where we can do that when possible.

We all had our jerseys on (Valerie's a borrowed one from Nick) because Friday is the day to wear says the publicity campaign from the bank sponsoring the national team. Speaking of good deals, they offered the shirts they sell at 2 for 1 earlier than morning. Fortunately I got a few for Nick before the rest of the people who know a good deal when they hear it also overran the store (at before 8:00 that morning.) I tried to get some more for Jana and Soren that no avail, everyone was sold out.

When you find a good do what you can to get it, and once you have it, you tell everyone you know where they can find it as well.

I think I have heard that somewhere Matthew 13:44-45 and 28:8 among others.

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Laurie said...

I love me some stock. Stock Rocks!