Saturday, July 24, 2010

Group construction

A good day of construction to be sure.

We divided up into mini-groups, tackling the beginning of the fence between the clinic and the Church property. That will be the beginning of what I estimate will be a very long process...since it is a group led effort, I would guesstimate at this point that will take a year or two to complete. That could be depressing to think in those terms, but I am just happy to see it get started!
The other group helped finish the painting on the new clinic, which is now completed. The side of the building that can be seen from far away has a very rough stucco finish on it...since it will only be seen from far away, but that made painting, and especially all the trim that I ended up doing...rather difficult.
Seen here are some friends. There were quite a few friends scattered around the clinic like this, but they never gave us any problems, and as you can see the blue painted just below them...I got pretty close. Oscar wonders how we could attract more of them...kind of an added 24 hour security feature.

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