Monday, July 26, 2010

More group activities

It has been a whirlwind, the last couple of days.

At Church Sunday Oscar and Julia presented their baby for dedication. If you can not tell from the mind searing color choice...yes, she is a girl.

After Church we broke up into four groups to distribute rice with the Church's evangelism ministry, which supported through the clothing ministry, has several different full time workers in different neighborhoods around town. Between the four groups we were assigned 70 families! I am not sure if we saw that many or not...but just my group saw over 15, mostly either new people in the Church or those already involved or getting involved with neighborhood group Bible studies.

Monday was another construction day, this time helping the Church again with their retaining wall/protective fence. The group worked very well together moving rocks, moving more rocks, and then all that was required to mix the concrete and help all the Honduran volunteers to put it all together.

I also took a group to move some of the excess clothing from the store in 21 de Febrero. In doing so, I happened to look up at the doorway, seeing the second floor window just above my head, and saw this little guy, in a full harness to keep him from wandering off. I have seen some different pets here...this one was most unexpected, especially in town as we were.

The group took time in the afternoon to visit with the clinic staff...all sitting in a circle together to ask some questions, share some funny stories (scaring our policeman who had been up all night and dozed off in the afternoon by screaming "THIEF!" to which he jumped up startled to attention was a highlight) and the serious nature of what God is doing in the clinic as a ministry, and the struggles to help even more (how to hire another general medicine doctor?) and then pray for the staff and the ministry. This is not something that every group does by any stretch...but maybe it should be, because it was very encouraging.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

Wish were had been there for the baby dedication. How awesome.