Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hark! Give thanks for that PB&J, but hold the idea of paying God with a Coke

How about a post filled with some inspiration from our kids? It won't end with them, but it is a great place to start...although you might not be dazzled by the useless trivia that each of these pictures brings:

Cecilia was drawing on the bulletin at Church Sunday. I am not sure why she initially circled Nicaragua's flag...Valerie says she was saying something about Peru there, since we visited there...but score for Valerie because she was actually trying to pay more attention to the service. Score for Cecilia for knowing which is her home...and which country she loves to visit. Of course she loves to visit...every time we do she gets Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles...all people who indulge her in ways she never gets indulged at home.

Speaking of of the big ways she is indulged is with pop/coke/carbonated beverages. I received this in the mail about such drinks today:

We ran errands today. They were doing their best to stay sane and also behave while we waited, and waited, and waited. (Lunch came at 1:00...when we were finally able to get back home.) Off the cuff I referred to the two of them as Frick and Frack. Every heard that expression? Turns out Frick and Frack were two male Swiss skaters that came to the US to perform with the original Ice Follies show, performing tricks and such. I use the term to jokingly refer to any two people who hang out together...I understand it is also used to refer to two people who are
so associated with each other as to not tell them apart (Siegfried and Roy jump to mind as a possible example) or as a way to pick on any two people (like dolt, doofus, etc.)

Peanut butter is expensive here if you do not buy it in the right place. Although I am convinced it is not as economically inexpensive...we went with the 100% preferred in our family crunchy over smooth. An Audi sighting in the parking lot was cause for stares and discussions, and of course this picture. What better way to celebrate PB&J the only correct way (Soren struggling with the grape jelly), as well as a small discussion on Audis?

For example...did you know that PB&Js are not known to have been made before the 1940s? Supposedly from rations of PB and Jelly being distributed during WWII, when the war ended...sales spiked in the US, and the sandwich was grafted into US culture. Sliced bread being sold in the 1920s also made it possible for kids to make their own sandwiches (which Cecilia does for her and Soren). Sometimes they use cheap Guayaba, Guanabana, or other Honduran jelly if we run out of Grape. Never Strawberry however...the most expensive of jellies here. The oddest thing I noticed in Peru was that Strawberry jelly was almost the only jelly ever offered to us (bread and jelly was a staple for breakfasts wherever we went.) Supposedly the average child in the US eats 1,500 Peanut Butter and Jellys before they graduate High School. I think our kids are on track to beat that by a country that a Honduran or US country mile, they both seem to be calculated in the same manner.

Also Audi...I did not explain all of Audi's origins (or that Audi is Latin for Hark or hear...coming from the founder's last name in German, Horch) but I did let them know that the four rings that Audi uses is from the Auto Union...four brands that merged to become one (Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer) back in the 1930s.

Among all that earth shattering conversations was one that I was having trouble keeping up with in many instances. It seems we always tend to have deep conversations while I am trying to drive. The conversation turned to Soren's birthday in September. What did he want? Mumble, mumble....Jesus is what he wanted, so I queried: "Do you want me to invite Jesus to your party?" He seemed rather puzzled I would even suggest something like that..."Jesus lives in heaven....and in our hearts!" He was quite sure Jesus was not going to just pop on by to say hey in the flesh. And then Soren moved on to why give something to Jesus, He has everything, knows everything, is everything already. Soren quite logically pointed out "what good would that stuff be to Him?" AND THEN....when I retorted why in fact are we supposed to give offerings at Church, and give to God...Cecilia thinks, and then takes a few quick moments and says "it says in the is better to give than receive!" I was so proud! Soren said "We can not pay God back just because we are happy...He has everything, how could we pay Him back?" Ah, very deep son, very deep. It went on from there...probably the most long lasting conversation I will have had for quite some time.


The Mom (Leah) said...

It pleases your heart when your kids "get it." Think how much more it pleases God's heart!

Becky Lauer said...

My mom called my brother and me Frick and Frack for years! We never knew who was supposed to be who, nor did we know where those names even came from! Thanks for the origin.