Friday, July 30, 2010

Card before the horse

Cecilia and Soren were able to go visit back to their old school today for about an hour or so. They left almost a year ago to go to their new school which is bilingual.

They have always talked about going back, and were very happy to get to go. While there, Cecilia's classmates made her cards which she brought home....something we were not expecting at all.

It is here when I realize yet again how different is the life our children our living, amongst other things and conversations we have on a regular basis. Quite frankly sometimes I marvel at how well they handle everything.

A few of the cards were just "normal" greetings, etc. but what came next just took me by surprise, and I guess Cecilia as well because she said everyone asked why she had to leave. Valerie reminded her why she moved to the other school and then asked her how she answered...and Cecilia said "what did you say again?" so it is hard to guess what she said.

But here are what a few cards said...with a plethora of misspellings and grammar issues cleaned up, a few excerpts:

"You know that Hector loves you but you don't love him. Cecilia when are you going to come back to school here?"

"Cecilia thank you for being here with us and for remembering us. I love you so much, take care, but it made me very sad when you left our school." (Many kids said something close to this...which in turn made me very sad)

One kid wrote a nice letter with a rainbow, a picket fence and a big building with the word "Clinic" written on it.

And my favorite letter...included here in its entirety: " Cecilia, what brings you to Elliott Dover? Is it to play with your old friends? PS Welcome to Elliott Dover"

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The Mom (Leah) said...

Children are so straight-forward and honest about their thoughts and feelings. Cecilia was a bright hope and a connection to the other world, besides being a dynamic personality.