Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random photo time

Well, I have built up some more random photos of stuff here, so here you go. Probably another batch of these tomorrow, and then some stories from the clinic, etc. after that.

Let's start with a little snack place in a local private hospital. It is increasingly common for people not only to make their own stuff to sell in these commonly found areas...but now to also buy doughnuts at Pricesmart (a Sam's/Costco warehouse club) and re-sell them...and this little spot did not even bother to hide their ancient Pricesmart secret (the blue box there.)

I could not get this picture to post correctly. No matter, it is not really that important. You can see this man riding in a somewhat unsafe position in the back of a pickup. No surprise there, that happens...well, almost all the time. Now, the fact that he is wearing a helmet when motorcycle riders here seem to most of the time avoid wearing one, well, that I found interesting.

At one time there was a law (probably still there, just forgotten) to prevent people from riding in the back of pickups without bars on the side...those concerns have wained in the last five years or so as new pickups rarely have those bars like we have on the Fords.

I have been making more regular stops at our local dumpster as of late. The contrast of the happiness of getting our trash, to the children hanging out there, to this woman finding some Christmas ornaments and sitting right there to make something of them. We have no recycling here in Honduras...not officially, but it is like watching masters at work when I pull up in the Ford...cardboard one way, metal another, regular trash bags into another pile...all gone through to the last piece to find anything of value. I had some spare change to give them for helping me...the 'head guy' was thrilled with the $.60 I gave him.

Geckos. Do you have geckos? We love geckos. We have big geckos, medium geckos, and then some like this one that we call "baby geckos." I have no idea if they are babies or if this is their regular size, but they are from head to tail less than two inches.

If you know better...you don't kill these things if you are blessed enough to have them. Geckos are your bug eating friends. Plus...they are cool to watch move.

Fernando struggles to do his homework, to study as much as he can to get ahead in the world. He tries. Sometimes he asks me to help. Poor kid. Nothing like reviewing the periodic table while I am working in the man cave (which like many things here are sold pre-laminated all over town for such projects...Honduran historical figures and their mini-bios, maps, agriculture...you name it, they have something laminated for it.)
I gave him a pop quiz on Californium, but alas he was only up to the first 20. His dream is to be a computer technician. Another guy from a single mother household with several siblings doing what he can to help his family, study, and still be a kid.

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