Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random pictures 2

Some more pictures that go with stories.

If you have never had the pleasure of buying meat at an honest to goodness butcher here, you are missing out on quite the scene. The lack of refrigeration means things really have to be fresh. Of also means you get an aroma that is somewhat hard to describe. This little shop is close to the clinic. Go down into town into the open market where there are 30 of these shops right next to each other, with pickup trucks full of heads, etc...and that remarkably about the same as in this little shop. You have smelled the meat shop at your local grocery store perhaps...just take that and warm that smell up another 30 degrees or so, and there you go.

I saw patients last week at the clinic with Valerie out of commission. After I really thought about it, what struck me most after the fact that God has a sense of humor using me in this way and that I was actually helping people, was how I am not a doctor...and yet most of the patients I see that have seen a "real" doctor...are getting bad advice, bad treatment, and in many times no education about what they have...or what they really have. This picture is a reminder of a woman with simple dry eye...nothing else. But in the government run social security hospital (where everything is to be provided mind you) she waited all day to be seen, and then was told to go buy these medicines (did I mention they hardly ever have medicines there?) which she most certainly did not need (an antibiotic and vasoconstrictor) and then was told to just keep taking them. This is just one patient...I had several more just like her and others done wrong in a variety of other ways. How is it that I know more than the doctors these people are seeing? That is a frightening thought.

I don’t like graffiti at all, but especially not the kind that has politically popped up in the last couple years every time there is a "peaceful" demonstration/march. I have seen the hate demonstrated before, the total lack of respect for any possible opinion other than what they believe, but this was the first time I have seen the demand now for concentration camps for "Turks" which I read as meaning anyone living here whose ancestry is anything related to the Middle East, Israel, Palestine, etc. I never thought I would feel almost grateful for "just" gang graffiti at the clinic.

Roads all over the country are in bad shape with all the rain lately. Ours are not the worst they have ever been by far, but bad enough we had to park the latest container quite a ways away and have a smaller truck make several trips to get us all the clothing. For your general information, this is a kind of truck that normally makes its living transporting sand for construction.

Cats are handy. It seems a good idea for everyone to have one here. Sisko is always wanting to prove his worth to us...bringing dead birds to the door (sometimes even live ones), mice, and the occasional bat. In this instance he Ozzy Osbourned it, but he was proud nonetheless.

You see stray dogs all around the country, but cats are smart enough, and jump/move well enough, that they stay hidden for the most part, and so although they are around, you would not see them unless you knew where to look.

Bats...same story I guess, except I don't see them either unless they are dead.

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