Friday, October 1, 2010

Soren's socks, backpack, belt, etc.

Soren has been teaching me something lately...and has not even known it. More to the point...God is using him to teach me.

Every morning it seems he is missing some key piece of the puzzle for going to school. It is not to be found, lost to the ages, the laundry or some unseen sock thief.

I go into his room...and usually in less than 30 seconds see the obvious to which he was blinded.

I tell is right there in front of you? Why can't you see it, silly? I smile, he smiles, he puts on his belt, and we move on about the day.

God is telling me "my plans are right there in front of you, why can't you see it?" A rhetorical question to be sure. He smiles, he tugs my head and opens my eyes to what He has in place. I want to hang my head in my lousy faith- lacking life...but He smiles at me in so many is overwhelming.

Valerie may need surgery. Oh no, what will we do!?!?
The buses need mechanical and body work before we can give them to the Church. What?!?
The women's ministry needs a loan to open the caseta store? How?!

I could list so much more...kind of like belts, socks, backpacks. Sometimes the answers come in response...the freaky thing is that sometimes the answers are already in place before I see the problem.

Want to perhaps not feel better, but know better about your current state? Read Matthew 6:25-34 or Job 42:1-6 for starters. If that does not encourage you, tear you up, and give you peace in times of trouble, worry, or doubt...I shudder to think about such a thing!

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The Mom, Leah said...

God wants us to ask Him, who is God.