Monday, October 4, 2010

Spiritual warfare and Optometric welfare

Someone that came on a trip last year wrote me today to talk about the possibility of spiritual warfare being involved in our recent string of....happenings. He mentioned that we never talked about it when he was here. Perhaps not a popular topic of conversation in the US, and apparently one we have neglected, we are not blinded to the fact we live in a fallen world, and we are reminded of such in some of what we see around us (the bad that is)and that attacks will come from the other side in this battle as well. Undeterred that they have already lost the war, they plug away in spiritual and physical attacks...generally more on those that are actually doing something. No need to attack a ship that is not in the battle. So yes, there is little doubt that is in play here, and we pray accordingly.

I don't have to wonder if God has a sense of humor on days like today. Another side of spiritual matters that sometimes gets ignored. With Valerie out of commission for at least two weeks, and more likely a month or more, I have been called into duty to see patients in the clinic again...something that while interesting and enjoyable, is not something I sought out by any means. I joked that I serve only at the pleasure of the doctor...who in this case has all but "commanded" me back into the exam room. The staff at the clinic seem to be happy to see me there as well...happy for the patients who are being helped, not that they are just beside themselves to get to have the boss around more than usual.

The humor comes into play in that some days Valerie will come home with no memorable or interesting patients seen. Every time I go, I seem to get at least a couple of patients that make me sweat, and almost every patient I see has never had an eye exam before. Today was no change on that menu: which meant reassuring a worried parent that his son did not in fact suffer from the dreaded myopia as he had been told (no doubt to extract money in the purchase of some unneeded glasses), seeing a four year old with a corneal abrasion, a 21 year old suffering from some heavy duty conjunctivitis, an eight year old who was a severe myope and has been waiting on a lid surgery at the public hospital for over a year (and will likely continue to wait for a very long time while her vision suffers for it) and a 61 year old with pterygiums, cataracts, a hefty prescription and possible glaucoma. She had never worn glasses, had no clue her pterygiums were the cause of some of her symptoms, had no idea what to do about them, and was pleased as punch to know she can see again. She came in seeing 20/200, and will soon have glasses putting her at 20/25....without a need to change what I got on ret (for those of you that know what I am talking about) might, somewhat lacking in humility, add.

I am wondering what will come on Wednesday. Yikes.

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