Friday, December 31, 2010

Get out

We took the group out yesterday for some brief food distributions. It seems that every time I need to be challenged and have the scales fall from my eyes again, it is time to get out on the streets and take a walk...with a purpose.

We first went to Talanga, split up into three groups and visited three or four houses each group. We met back at the TV first time visiting after our buy out and with pastor Celeo being the true administrator.

His son, Celeo, was running the programming that morning, and we discussed the ongoing hardships they have been having on keeping things going and trying to generate revenue through ads, and getting what they need to be able to do that (like the program needed to get the ads off the video camera and onto the computer.)

It was also good to see the new storage unit built for the studio...and the set pieces they built for programs (such as the lovely pulpit above) which are all built out of disassembled computer table pieces that were donated to us last year.

After that we headed out to meet Jonathan in Cantaranas (still trying to figure out how to fix his vehicle...needs a new radiator) and went to San Juancito for another three to four families per group.

We saw curious and adventurous little girls like this one...also a rare find with blue eyes.

We met a man and his son making saddles...either for people or for the animal to carry loads. If you are curious, all local materials, guaranteed for many years, and costs only $50.

Christmas baking can be dangerous...such as Ana who was burned while making the traditional torrejas for her family.

Coffee harvest is in full swing not just in Sampedrana....this loading was taking place right next to the clothing store. It will still be a couple years until we will be at this point in San Juancito with the property we have, but it is always good to be reminded of the possibilities.

And of course, after that is the requisite stop for groups to souvenir shop in Valle de Angeles. That brought its own interesting times.

Not often do we see Harley Davidsons here. Let alone two (I eventually saw them leave...three Harleys and one other very big/loud bike) and we saw a Porsche as well tootling around town.

Cecilia and I took a walk...she was one of our translators for the day, and it was good to have that time alone together to just talk, have fun...even have a granita. We do not get to do that...well, ever.

We had plenty to discuss already, but this little girl who was selling dulce de leche following us around and eventually sitting next to us at Espresso Americano provoked some other deep discussions as well. Good for us as father/daughter...but I must admit, life feels full of deep subjects lately.

We wrapped up the day with baleadas and guacamole for supper, and some great debrief time with all the group sharing about the other families they visited,...their homes, their felicity, their prayer requests.

One last interesting nativity scene in the central park in Valle de Angeles. We found it interesting, colorful, cool, and definitely buzzing with activity...I also thought it was seemingly eery in how it reminded me of those pictures in children’s magazines where you are...”to find the things that are out of place.” Cecilia jumped on that by blurting out "the baby Jesus is way too big to be a baby!"

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