Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yesterday was our trip with the group to Sampedrana. I had never, ever, seen the road from Comayagua that smooth. It was incredible. The Comayagua mayor's office grated all the way to the town.

There were easily 150 adults there, and close to 100 children all waiting on us to arrive.

Again, everything was incredibly well organized and orderly, Gender had everything ready to go...including this time using the generator to sing a worship song and then have the group leader give a mini-sermon.

(yes, we were checking people out in the pastor's living room...and I took this picture specifically for all the UF peeps)

It seems every time I am there I hear a little more talking (the people there are very reserved) a little more excitement, and specifically in this case I heard so many people giving thanks for what they were able to find. With the coffee harvest well underway, and with that meaning a rare influx of actually cash money, this was an opportunity to buy clothing for the entire year for many of those that came...something that otherwise is difficult to afford. What with our prices (1 Lempira for all pieces of clothing, 20lps for shoes) it makes it a rare affordable opportunity.

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