Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why do we fall Master?

Different things rolling through my head with the firecrackers last night, fighting with myself in my mind today, etc. I suppose I should add that not only is Christmas celebrated here at midnight on the 24th crossing into the 25th, that firecrackers are a dying part of that celebration. Every year there are tougher crack downs on these rather haphazardly put together items, so its use has declined here in the city dramatically in the last ten years...but their presence is still quite known...right before midnight, and for an hour or so afterwards...but random pops happening from early the 24th throughout the next day.

And where would my manners be if I did not show you a common thing here...selling puppies on the street. This particular vendor location was right across from a mall...and appeared to be a family affair.

Commercialism is far from my mind tonight...sometimes struggles are just recognizing how poor judgement we have and facing up to it.

I took this picture when I was in the US, specifically waiting on Valerie at the airport in Indianapolis. I stood there, as it happens, next to the kiosk for the Hoosier lottery, and I started having a discussion with myself on whether or not it was wrong for me to play the lottery. Whether or not you believe in general it is a bad thing is one thing...but I was specifically inquiring of myself if it would be sinful for me.

I came to the conclusion that my motives for wanting to play did not honor God or his timing: I want a house, I want to build the sanctuary in Teguc, I want to put up the second floor on the clinic.

It looks innocent enough, that little kiosk, but to my mind it just screamed out things that could be instantly fulfilled...without waiting, praying, and patiently living in God's timing. It was sin...and as so often sin was tempting and seemed like it would not really hurt anything.

But in the end...I could not play the lottery. Often we lose that battle with sin, that inner struggle, we repent and ask God's help to do better the next time. My sin for that coveting the lottery was hung on the cross. So although I physically did the "right thing" it still was not what I would call a victorious moment.

I wrestle with why Jesus was born (ok, probably in April...but we showed those pagans up on the winter solstice eh?) in a manger. In a filthy, lowly, nasty place....why?

As loud as firecrackers much destructive force they have...they are nothing compared to the power of God.

My sin is nothing compared to the cleansing power of Christ's blood.

And no physical setback, no humble circumstances that by all accounts could certainly add up to infant more than the creator of life Himself.

Duh...God gets the glory, that is why we are here, that is what it is all about. Sometimes getting reminded is pretty cool

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