Monday, December 27, 2010

Group construction

Another group arrived yesterday. Not many groups would chose to fly in the day after Christmas. We are certainly glad they did.
Today we did construction...specifically things to help get the fence project along. We started the pre-fab concrete fence going up (rough work in that corner behind the man four sections done!), and started fixing the road (semis that bring our containers in will have to go up that road, and before they always hit bottom.)

It was a cold winter day here...probably 70 for a high, windy....great for construction. They will all need their blankets is getting down into the low 50s...great sleeping weather!

In amongst doing all that, some of the women also helped sort clothes to get the bad stuff out and ready for the sewing ministry. There is certainly going to be an abundance of materials!

In addition to get everyone in the group working with the Hondurans on their respective tasks, I had to get the clothing ministry all taken care of, help Celeo with an emergency for the TV station in Talanga, have an administrative/emergency meeting with Pastor Jorge from the Church, deliver some incubators we got from FAME to a mission associated with the Lion's Club in Comayagua, and at least a little while I actually got to mix some cement and otherwise get dirty, at least a little, as well.
Busy day...good day. At this rate there will still be plenty of fence to go up after the group leaves, but we are still on schedule.
One of the things I talked with Pastor Jorge about was the Church building project...the Church members and leadership are just understandably anxious about how things are going and whether or not we are going to be able to come through on our end of things. I assured him that that is our major priority for 2011, and that we want to see it completed before the end of the year as much as they do. Please pray with me that God would open hearts and doors so we can indeed make that a reality. We need help finding 6,000 people that would give $25 each, and we will be at our goal and able to get the building finished! We are just starting that fundraising....but we are praying hard that God would help us move quickly in getting it started...and done!