Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am curious what people think of the monthly updates we send out via email, thus I posted a poll here, please take the time to vote...and if you do not care, you can vote that as well.


Anonymous said...

I really like them especially the themes they follow, very creative.
sorry it took so long to respond.
and the donation info is always there, I like that too. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Felipe,
I enjoy the monthly e-mails, because I don't make it to the Hiseyes blog very often. I hope to return someday to Hondo. I'm very glad Val had the surgery and I'm praying for her recovery. God bless you and the crew. Say hi to Hector if he's still around. I gave him an MP3 player with some American music on it in 2008 with Lincolnway Christian Church. Mitch