Monday, March 28, 2011

Talanga brief update

I don't often get into in depth updates of the ministry work here in this blog, but less than two weeks ago Oscar and I met with Celeo Archaga, pastor of the Church His Eyes supports in Talanga, to talk about what we could do to help him better (he has been the point that his family had no food to eat from day to day) and what God has been doing through him, and the ministry in Talanga. I still will not go into huge details here, but here are some highlights: 1. Through the Church and the ministry of the TV station we own and he administrates in Talanga, Channel 15 Dios TV, almost daily people are being added to the Kingdom...and most of those being men, which is very unusual here. 2. Upcoming 14 baptisms planned for Talanga...8 in El Bosque 3. El Bosque is an area outside Talanga by about 1/2 hour...where Celeo and Jonathan have helped another man, Oscar, start another resources, no property, etc. except for their personal help and some clothing ministry support (money and clothing.) The Church there has 24 members...all new to Christ and the Church. 4. Another ministry started via Talanga is outreach in Danli, with again no support...24 people weekly meeting, 6 actual members. 5. Cell Group near Talanga in Agua Blanca...18 adults, 23 children involved! 6. The TV station is still marching towards financially being not only self sustaining, but starting to provide for salaries and pastoral/Church support. A slow road...but getting there. 7. The TV station could have opportunities to reach out (via cable...we have no over the air signal or tower) to nearby cities in the future...which could be huge in a variety of ministerial opportunities. It has already provided ways to get toknow many different pastors and Church bodies in the surrounding areas of Talanga. Sometimes our mission sets priorities...things we think we can accomplish with the staff, finances, and supplies we have. Planting a few more Churches, seeing the TV station expand, etc....those were not on our list. I am still not certain how we move everything forward day to day. But one thing I do know... God's list rules.

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