Monday, March 28, 2011

Quito Bonito

The 18th-25th Valerie and I were in Quito Ecuador.

I have to admit that Ecuador was not on my dream list, which is quite long, for vacation destinations, but it was a unique situation combining cheap airfare offered on sale, good friends who really were interested in going making expenses split for most things, an awesome yet somehow cheap place to rent for the week...and the general need to get away.

And the equator proved far enough...about as far as going to Houston from Teguc. Yes, the equator passes through Ecuador, which if you did not know Spanish for equator. Proof Valerie and I are standing in both hemispheres. I really think they should have had a toilet on either side so you could see the water go different directions. Surely that would be a huge photo op.

I am posting a few pictures here with some captions...another 100 or so pictures are on my Facebook page for those really for some reason stimulated.

It was much more interesting than I could have imagined...the sites to see, the place we stayed...including what was next door to us, the weather (nice to be staying at the equator but at over 9,000') the volcanoes, the hot springs, etc.

(here we are above about 13,500' You can't see Quito in this picture because of the clouds, but it is in fact there.)

But mostly it was great because of...the fellowship, the friendship, and the opportunity to rest, the kind of rest we rarely, rarely actually turn our brains off from ministry and just try to refresh. Valerie especially continues to need great amounts of rest, and she got more sleep in that week than I sometimes get in two or three. Still...she could have done even more. Pray for continued renewal and improved health.

(Did you know that Panama hats are actually from Ecuador? Did you also know that they do not make any clothing items in Ecuador that fit me, including said hats?)

Not sure how financially...but we really should do that more often. Part of a health plan or something...mental, physical and spiritual.
(I am sure how they financially can sell diesel for $1.04 and gasoline for $1.48...something to do with actually producing it yourselves in your own country, and selling to other countries that don't. I'll be remembering that the next time I fill my vehicle here with diesel at $4.08)

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