Friday, April 29, 2011

Reminds me of Acts 5:38-39

I am feeling a type of righteous anger. Maybe.
During one of my running routes, I go by this big, huge, extremely expensive building being built by the Mormon Church. The price of the property astounds me...but then the retaining walls, the building itself, the cost for the labor for all those involved...numbers are hard to grasp sometimes, but I am relatively comfortable just in contemplating how many millions are involved, assured that it is more than a couple.

Then I think about the rough row to hoe that we are having with the fundraising for the much smaller, more purposefully built, and by factors of ten less expensive building for ICCC here in Tegucigalpa. The work is slow...we are praying to be able to finish before the end of the year, and it is not looking good at this point.

Righteous anger? The Mormon Church continues to build very nice, very expensive buildings in prime and expensive tracts of property around town, and around the country, at impressive rates, sometimes working around the clock.

Ah, but my timing is not my own. God’s timing is perfect, and while I might feel the human eyes and expectations on anger is misplaced, because I want to see things progress like they do for them...but the reality is I should want things to progress as God desires.  I should be focused spiritually...not allured by their physical work, and very proficient fundraising abilities. 

It may be hard...but when I look at that building, I think what I should be doing is focusing on what God has given me to do, and resting in his timing.

So, the last two groups have helped in some of the construction, we are still basically trying to get the foundation ready...leveled and ready for the building when it arrives...which will happen when we have enough funds to get it here. Still quite a bit left to go...both in the foundation work and the fundraising, but...all in God’s timing. In the meantime, we economize, and do what we can as we can to prepare.

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Laurie Matherne said...

Felipe, we are a temple not built with human hands. The temple now are the people of God, joined hand to hand. Those temples? Destined for destruction. Our ragtag little church has more vibrancy than that place will ever possess. And the very economy of the structure makes the Spirit that empowers it more noticeable to the community. Trust God on this one.