Friday, April 22, 2011

One of many

Not much time to post...but this is just one of the many families the group met yesterday doing corn distribution in Talanga.  My group went to an area just outside town, called Agua Blanca...and then we drove on to this...well, I don't know what you would call it, but it has a name, Jalaca. 

The woman third from the left had 13 children...first seven girls, then six boys.  One of her sons is on her left...we gave him a bag of corn as well...which he and his self described "partner" with her 8 month old son were to take back to where they live...a three hour walk up the mountain.  To the woman's right...her grand daughter that she is raising. 

She said she owns nothing...she rents the property they are using, and has a few chickens from which to get eggs, but otherwise...the situation looked dire to human eyes.  The corn was very much well received, as were we.  They have had Church services outside her home in the past with Pastor Celeo. 

When we offered to pray and asked for prayer requests...she initially could not think of anything, until reminded of her poor health, so she asked for health for her and her family. 

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