Saturday, May 14, 2011

Faith filled Friday

Fridays are always a big day for groups.  Visiting the hospital is never easy, and the stories we heard, the children and parents we met this time were no different.  God gives us the words, the strength, and obvious to me the will to want to enter those wards, talk, pray, etc.  Of all the ways I feel inadequate to the task at hand, that one is one of the biggest, and conversely most rewarding in seeing our seeming failure so appreciated, so coveted, so valued.  The irony of that mixed with the strong emotions of heart brokenness, anger, frustration and more make those visits hard to really if you could not tell already.  One thing is for sure, people around Honduras that find themselves in the public hospital are so grateful when we go.  

Then came a lunch with the clinic staff, all the group with all the staff.  A chance to mingle, to share, and eventually to ask some cross cultural questions that had probably been in the staff's mind for many years, like: "What motivates you to come here to Honduras?, What keeps you coming back?" and more.  It was a good eye opener in several respects for all involved.  

Then food distribution with the Teguc Church. My truck mostly went to new homes, many the leaders from the Church did not even know exactly where they were located the people were so new to the congregation, some in a brand new area/neighborhood for outreach (including one house with over 20 children by a "few" family members") and more than a few with some interesting characters to see on the streets waking around.

All told...a good day....and a hard day. Days like this I am assured God has us here, He gives us peace, patience  and strength...because otherwise I can see there is no way I could in any way do any of this. To God be the glory!  

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