Friday, May 13, 2011

I had no time for pictures yesterday, so this will be words only. 
Yesterday was quite the busy day.  We had already planned on doing construction with the group...but nothing quite like what we ended up doing:
1.  Moving materials and furthering the work on the Church building foundation.  That work is coming along, hopefully to be done in less than a few weeks.  Then the next big step would be waiting for enough fundraising to be able to get the building here...we are praying to that end that it would come soon.
2.  Painting...evening up some of the faded work on the mission house and man cave, via the donated paint we got from the US and Oscar’s magic mixing powers (he buys the dye and mixes it by hand.) 
3.  Unloading a mid 30,000 pound clothing container.  Uh, that one was not on the list of things to do, but in God’s timing that is how it worked out.  Actually for us it worked out well, because any later day this week would have seriously cramped our schedule. The work was brutal...even though it was not terribly hot, unloading, storing, etc...took a lot out of everyone. But no one complained, and everyone really worked their heart out since we had a time constraint on getting it unloaded, which we accomplished in about two and a half hours.
4.  After all that, we worked on some of the ditch to route water out of the property in front of the man cave, pouring some concrete there, and more painting.
All in all...a very productive, and in a good way tiring, day. 

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