Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grow, grow grow

I stopped by the clinic today to do a little communicating, drop off some supplies, get some things prepped for tomorrow (pastor's meeting being held in the mission house starting tomorrow.)  The pastors meeting is a quarterly meeting that all the Christian Church pastors in our brotherhood come together to edify each other, some study, to hear what God is doing throughout Honduras, and share ideas, etc.  After the pastor's meeting, that group plus some more will be there for a planning meeting for the CIY international conference in January, so that place will be hopping from Thursday through Saturday. 

Progress on the Church foundation is currently at a standstill.  The wall for leveling purposes is mostly done...we still need more fill however.  We are waiting for the fundraising to continue, and hoping some of the groups in June and July will help with some of the fill work as well as sealing the septic tanks. 

Of course...the main thing we are waiting on is the building.  Of the 6,000 square feet we are trying to raise...we are short a couple thousand yet to be able to get the building here.  That is a big chunk of the $25/sq ft cost...but there will also be quite a bit of interior work to be done as well that will consume much of the budget.   One thing at a time though...or as my granpda used to say..."patience Prudence." 

We bought some top soil for planting some trees on the clinic/mission house property.  We are looking to have some groups over time plant some of the trees during the rainy season so they will take well.  We want to have trees that provide some variety, produce fruit, and of course some shade. 

We are thinking avocado, mango, maybe a palm or two, perhaps jicarro,...anyone have any other ideas you think we should consider?  We will probably try to buy trees that are already a few years old to hasten the process depending on cost and availability.   

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