Monday, May 23, 2011

Take a little time

Last week was rough personally.  So busy, I could even notice it creating tension between Valerie and myself.  Not good.  Both of us were just too busy for our own good.  Blogging...fell by the wayside. 

How about a few bullet points of things going on:

1.  Had to stand for at least fifteen minutes at Church on Sunday again...increased seating capacity, so needed.  Progress made on the leveling for the foundation of the new building.  Fundraising being spurred by a few very generous individuals, but struggling otherwise.  We are thinking of borrowing from the mission's general fund if necessary to try to get the down payment made on the building to get it here.

2.  Cecilia saw my old California Raisin figurines and exclaimed "oooooh, M&Ms!"  I think she needs an eye exam...and a history lesson. 

3.  An opportunity seems to be presenting itself to buy property in Sampedrana for more coffee production to support the Church there and the mission...praying how to proceed there. 

4.  The above opportunity that bore fruit in now bearing tomatoes.  Harvest starting this week, praying and looking for good outlets where to sell the tomatoes, and connections for future crops (we will have to vary crops between plantings to prevent disease, land overuse, etc.)  In less than six months that property is making a huge difference for the mission and Church there. 

5.  Work in Talanga continues with the TV station.  Power outages take their toll on equipment however.  We are seeking new cameras and most importantly battery backups with good voltage protection.  With the arrival of some new equipment, we are also praying about finding a good used shipping container here that we could transport there for use as a secure studio on the Church property site. 

6.  Laurie continuing to develop the Milk Project...keeping busy and looking to be even busier as an outreach to the community, with ideas to expand even more.  Her leadership there takes a big burden off the rest of us...and is certainly providing for ways for the MP to be bigger and more impactful than it ever was before.  A very good thing.

7.  Investigating options to get filtering system for drinking water (versus buying bottles) for the clinic and mission house.  A Godincidence that sparked it might make for some initial cost...but could be much more convenient as well as less expensive in the long run. 

8.  Overwhelmed with the sheer amazing number of God driven things happening here...makes me smile...and at the same time think I need a vacation.  Would love to have one here, but when in the house I have a magnetic relationship with the laptop that seems to prevent me from unplugging my mind from taking a whirl in the tornado of ideas and possibilities.  The kids will get to go to the US this summer, which should be...very interesting, not sure when Valerie or I, or both, will get out and about somewhere, but looking forward to it, while still relishing in being here and getting to participate in all this God stuff being driven around us as well.    

9.  Smile, even if you have to fake just might end up enjoying it. 

10.  Ten seems like a nice round number...picked up our latest intern on Saturday.  She will be here for two months, working on Spanish by living with Oscar and family.  Good to have her, already putting her to work today.  While at Oscar's, he showed me his lime experiment.  No wonder why he and Jonathan are doing well with their plantain/pineapple/ and now cabbage/beans property....he is growing his lemon tree in an old 55 gallon drum with no dirt, just kitchen scraps/organic material....and in a short time, it is already several feet tall...and producing limes.   I'll have to get a picture next time I am over. 


Laurie Matherne said...

I like the new look. Very readable. Makes someone want to browse further. Glad you are doing better with church offerings.

Megan Smith said...

A lemon tree growing limes? That sounds interesting. Haha!

Felipe Colby said...

Whoops...lemons, limes, the problem is that here they are usually called the same thing, I have now carried that over into English. Doh!