Sunday, June 19, 2011

CIY team arrived

Summer group time is here.  We are blessed to receive groups throughout the year, but typically they are more crammed into the summer season. 

The CIY group arrived Thursday and will take us until almost the end of the month...a long trip!

Saturday we ventured to Guasucaran, a long and interesting trip past Ojojona.  The people here are always so grateful for the help, in this case a clothing distribution while the group put on a VBS activity (along with holding as many babies as possible for mom's to be able to shop easier.) 

Not only was the road a little wet and...interesting, but we also got a little rain while there, and then some fairly dense fog on the way back. 

Can you see Oscar in front of me? 

It was pretty cool to see fog like this on a mountain during the day (this was around 1:30PM) as usually it is more in the early morning or later at night.  It was not bad enough to cause any real driving trouble...especially on this road where relatively few dare to travel.

Friday was a construction day...we tackled more of the Church sanctuary this case moving fill into the area to get it level, and sealing one of the septic tanks.  As you can see, with the rain we have been getting the primary tank fills quickly because it is so incredibly rocky.  The backup tank will handle most of the load for leaching and longevity of use (hopefully 10-20 years before needing cleaned.)  

Also on Saturday...the little town of Santa Ana decided to put this decorative line of lights, etc. down the road...I guess they did not think about what would happen when vehicles with height would try to drive down the road. 

He was already backing up when we got there...I presume he had to back up the entire way and use the wrong lane to get through...glad I was not there for the already amassing traffic tie up. 

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Jordan's Mom said...

Thanks for the post. It was good to read that the CIY group arrived safely and that they are being kept very busy, and very nice to see the pictures, too.