Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random picture time

"Christ is my live."

It may be incorrect grammar, but I think I like the inadvertant message implied.

"Christ is my life" would be very personal and defining what is important to me. Christ is my live...kind of helps keep your mind on living for Him, which is more outward focused. 

Valerie has been offering work to some of the women she knows in the community lately after a donation came in for just such a purpose.  Instead of coming for a handout...they come to work and get paid.  It is not a full time job, but the pay helps some, and they get to decide what food to buy, or how else to use it for their families.  They get self respect for working...and we get extra work done around the property.  That is the definition of a win-win in my book.  We are hoping this might be something we can do and continue for a while, God willing. 
The mall construction continues.  I got this shot of City Mall from the airport upon picking up the group.  Scheduled completion last I heard was in the first quarter of 2012.  The massive amount of dirt being moved can been seen from another vantage is as impressive as you can imagine from seeing how far down they are going. 

And one good mall deserves another...or so it would seem.

Premier Mall being built on the other side of the city.  Progress had been slow for some time...but they seem to be coming on strong as of late.  Not sure when it will be completed, but it sure is looking huge already.  The road in front of it is in disarray undergoing its own construction, and hopefully they finish the road first, as it is already a traffic nightmare most of the time....without a mall crowding a few thousand or more people inside. 

Ok, it is late and this picture is upside down.  Blogger is not helpful in offering a way to rotate pictures, so you get it upside down.  No matter. 

I ran another short marathon a few weeks ago.  No pins and paper number to attach to my shirt...but instead this sticker. 

Are they using stickers instead of the old traditional method elsewhere?  It was quite a pleasant surprise for sure. 

Soon we will be working on the landscaping around the clinic a bit more with groups. 

But before we get to that...we get encouraging news...this tomato plant growing in the select material laid down near the container wall.  No one planted it...and yet, there it is.  Hope for intentional growth to come!

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The Mom (Leah) said...

Thanks for the updated pictures. Anxious to get down there in July.