Friday, July 1, 2011

Happenings around the clinic

So with the CIY group departing Wednesday...we also had the Hazel Dell team arrive.                                                                 

This meant that we got to see a lot more construction take place on Thursday and Friday.  I would be remiss however if I did not share this impressive, if not somewhat sad, photo first. 

Valerie sees some whoppers at the clinic, but this is the biggest pterygium both of us have ever seen by far.  She referred this patient for might not notice but her other eye also has one that is, although not super advanced, probably ready to be plucked as well.  The concerning thing is that with her other eye so advanced...removing the pterygium might result in some scarring.  Valerie has been on a tear as of late...seeing 15 or more patients a day at least twice this week.  To say that is tiring given her other responsabilities, etc. is quite an understatement. 

The construction work done by the group includes moving a ton (figuratively...literally probably quite a few tons) of more fill material into the Church building foundation.  That is a big help...and a big team to get 'er done as well.  Also a small extra corner of the drive was paved to help facilitate the semis that bring the containers onto the property the ability to turn around easier and safer. 
And the last item on the construction list was the landscaping.  Fortunately someone in the group is a master gardener, and that was a big help in placement and selection of what we wanted to do. 

The little area near the man cave got some ground cover (each plant about $.55) and three trees...a lemon tree, a star fruit tree, and a cinnamon tree (cinnamon trees=most expensive tree we purchased at $16)  Up near the parking lot of the clinic...two mango trees, and behind the clinic, two avocado trees.  Right in front of the clinic, some more ground cover for a bright spot by the ramp to get into the building.  The reason, besides the obvious beautification, is for shade on the buildings and cars in the future, and of course, to produce something we can actually use.  The ground cover will hopefully not only be quite colorful, but help us eventually not have to deal with so many weeds. 

Leaving today, we were getting some nice rain again.  The combination of less dark skies with sun near us and the darker skies in the background and various states of sprinkling to slightly heavier rain produced a quite unique image, so I stopped to snap a quick picture.  

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