Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ups and downs

Today we went to a village where it was our first time taking any activity...our friend Jorge Irias (working with Gerson who also came with us in one of the Church's cell groups, and a pretty good welder who fixed the Ford's broken tailgate on Friday) has family in this area and set it all up for us.            (the picture at left shows an exciting game of "red light/green light" which was quite the hit...with parents as well as the children.)
When we first got there...there were quite a few kids, but not many adults.  It was somewhat remote, so we thought more people might show up later, and did the VBS and started playing games with the kids until noon when more people definitely showed up. 
It was about this time that I noticed how eager the kids were to listen to anything I had to say (or anyone in particular) even readily obeying when I merely suggested they group hug on one of the group members (who was quite surprised.) Then Jorge suggested to them that I might in fact be John Cena...a WWE wrestler. From then on...I was John Cena. There were even a few opportunities given to show my wrestling skills with some of the children, which they enjoyed greatly. 
We then went on to play some futbol. Not exactly an organized game...starting with roughly 20 Honduran small kids versus about 8 bigger teenagers from the USA. The play was good, engaging...but ultimately not fruitful in the goal department for team USA. We had Honduran girls join in with us...adding to the virtual scrum forming around the ball at times, but in the end....9-1. Basically...we held out the game until we scored, and then somehow declared victory and ran off the pitch.
The adults were so enthralled with the VBS...with the games, it was amazing to hear them laughing and paying attention...and later to see how much time they took to look through all the clothes. Many children, when not asking me to pick them up like a wrestler, were asking if we had to leave, and when we would be back. Cool stuff.
It started out as a slow day, a bit down....but ended on a very high note....and we pray that note be to God's glory. 

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