Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its on

Long story short...we thought today's brigade would end early.  We had to cancel our original location and try to find a new location...last Saturday. We contacted our missionary friends at Living Hope ministries (www.livinghopehonduras.com) and they quickly helped put together an option at a school in a neighborhood just outside Tegucigalpa for today.

We put it in God's hands...and He took it much further than we would have imagined.  We even left this morning thinking we would be back early.  There were many kids at the school...some number I heard thrown around was 300 in the morning and 400 in the afternoon.  That made for a packed house for the morning and matinee sessions of the group led VBS.  The kids were very much excited and engaging with the group. 

Speaking of excited and engaging...the patients were as well.  Gracious, anxious to learn what was wrong (and what was right!) patient when we had to cycloplege, and quite a few were surprised with the students/doctors offered to pray for them.  If you count all the students we did school screenings for as well as exams, and regular patients seen from around the community...in terms of numbers it was probably some sort of record. 

The only record that really matters was that left of our testimony, and the seeds planted that Living Hope will be patiently tending in the short and long term future.  God bless the work done today in His name, to His glory, through the myriad of works and workers He brings together for His Kingdom!