Thursday, August 4, 2011

Markers color our world

Today...10 years ago we lost a close friend (Stan Nicholson), a classmate of Valerie’s that was very active in the work here. Reverberations still ripple through our lives from his life, death and work. We still miss him, but know His timing is perfect despite what we might humanly think/see. 
August 1st marked 11 years for us living in Honduras. Time flies...oh how it flies.
Finally let go of the hand sink from my grandparent’s home this week. Jorge needed it...we did not. I was trying to keep that tie to the past, but it was time to let it go. I was glad it is going to get used immediately...but somewhat jealously sad that I won’t get to use it in the future and think of Grandma.   

Cecilia’s first trip to Hospital Escuela today. She did is a tough scene, and for her first time, she did very well. The orthopedic ward was hard...visiting the kid’s with cancer ward was much easier for her. What God is doing in and through exciting.
Thoughts jumbled and spilled out, and yet...strike me as related. After midnight here, time for bed...will try to post more later this week on the what else is going on in our parts....lots going on indeed.  

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