Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a few clinic stories

Here are a few interesting stories the clinic staff reported in August. 

Reina reports that through our offering pap smears at the clinic, a patient with CIN was detected (pre-cancerous) and a patient with acute cholecystitis. 

Lourdes reports that it was such a great month for her because she met and worked with the optometry interns Danny and Jusinte, and that meeting them was a blessing for her life to know that there are still humble, nice and gentlemany people out there. 

Marlen reports that during the devotional time two patients signed up for the Bible study!

(The squemish should not read this one)  Ledin reports that she identified a patient that had a parasite that was supposedly eradicated or at least it is rare to see it here for her...ascaris lumbricoides and that she had worms coming out her nose and mouth. 

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