Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prayer requests

Have I ever just come out and shared prayer requests here?  I should do that more often. 

Here are some of our personal ones to start:

1. We are praying about buying a house here.  We have been praying and thinking about this for quite some time.  Recently we thought we might be able to raise the down payment, and perhaps find another Church to come along side us to support us and use that money to pay a mortgage payment.  What will happen?  Not sure, but we are praying that God would open the doors, or close them tight, whichever He would have done. 

2.  That we could find somehow to relax from time to time.  Work is is good too, and something we neglect often.  With so much to do, more than of course we could ever do on our own, sometimes you get in a good way wrapped up with what you are doing...and forget to rest.  This is a good thing...for a time.  After a while, whether you think so or not, you need to rest.  So we ask for somehow to rest...but for God to be merciful in providing that time (you could ask to rest...and God give you Dengue fever to have a nice week in bed resting and relaxing.  I know we need to rest, we are trying to do so, so I am not looking for a rest like that...if you get my drift.  Like praying for patience, always add "and be merciful in helping me with patience" otherwise you might just get someone or something that tries and "helps" with your patience growth more than you were aiming for.  Yeah.

How about some prayer requests from the staff at the clinic? 

1.  Dr. Reina asks for her health. 
2.  Marlen asks for her finances, for her sons Isaac and Jareth, and for her entire family
3.  Neris asks for her spiritual life and finances
4.  Dr. Camilo asks for a sister that will be operated on for a cyst in San Felipe and protection from God for our physical security
5.  Lourdes asks for her life and home, for the clinic so that the Lord would be in reality moving and we would show that we have a fear of God and search for the truth and that the truth would set us free. 
6.  Leonel asks for his spiritual life and his studies.
7.  Ledin asks for her whole family that they would be with Christ, supernatural things for her spiritual life and healing for her body, and to be a spokeswoman for Christ to have the freedom to proclaim wherever the good news of salvation.

I'll be back later this week with some interesting stories from the clinic staff from their work in the month of August.  Very interesting, and more prayer request filled, sorts of interesting. 

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