Friday, September 9, 2011

Talanga trip

We left Wednesday with the group to assist a little in the construction on the Church property. The fill is done, the property now higher than the other low lying areas, and our main job was to help with the columns for the building that will house the TV station (Channel 15) and the bathrooms that will be needed for the Church...but also for the team that will be here for over two weeks in October to build the Church building.
Helping with the columns meant digging the holes, putting together all the rebar, and mixing as much cement as time allowed. The group also dug a trench for the sewer connections, etc. It was hot, it was sunny, and we drank lots and lots of water. 
Wednesday evening we went to a home Church service, the first one for this home for a family pastor Celeo is trying to reach. It was very cool...and right when we got there it rained quite a bit making conversation for a while a little more interesting.
The family seemed very happy to have not just the pastor that they were expecting but another 15 or so sweaty weird looking people also join them in their home...and in good Honduran hospitality, served us all drinks and snacks before we left. 
Then we went back to Channel 15 for supper and left Justine, Danny and Carol to guest host a youth program for two hours (along with the regular host of course.)
You can see here that the regular host is taking phone calls while on the air.  We don't have the capability to put the caller's voice on the he just talks to them on the phone and his side of the conversation is what everyone else hears.  Somehow...that works. 
Thursday...more work in the morning, and in the afternoon a “día del niño” (kid’s day) celebration with games, a Bible story, trying to do a piñata (rain kept us under the tarp...with Justine here telling the kids about Christ using the "evangecube") and gift bags for all the kids that came, and then in the pouring, cold rain we gave quite a few of the kids a ride back to their homes before heading back to Teguc.

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