Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mix it up

In helping the World Mission Builders group with their construction work for the Church in Talanga, I ran some errands Tuesday (they needed a big, huge coffee pot, and wanted to buy a water cooler/heater for on the job site breaks) and got them some good deals. I was doing those errands while Valerie was at her Bible study which she regularly attends on Tuesday mornings. It was nice to get to run those errands (including some work on the medical insurance for the staff, etc.) but nicer to get to have lunch with Valerie...especially on the 20th anniversary of our “going together.” 

Hard to believe it was 20 years ago in many ways...and I can still remember where that decision was made, where we were sitting, etc. So long ago...but the feelings and relationship is so much more, so much stronger than it was then. Marriage now being a not-so-good reflection to our marriage with Christ and being together for eternity...if the human form can be so good, just imagine how good the perfect relationship can and will be! Woohoo!

But I beautifully digress.

Wednesday I rented a cement mixer for them as well to help pour the foundation and the floor. Currently there are only the three guys in the advance team plus Oscar, our intern Lucas, Celeo, and other volunteers (including today quite a few guys from the Church in San Juancito) and the mixer certainly sped things along given the scope of the project (the sanctuary will be roughly 28’ x 80’)

By the time I got the supplies and found a mixer for rent here in Teguc, and actually drove out there keeping the mixer in one was lunch time, but after lunch we got half the foundation done, and they expected to finish the rest tonight, doing the floor Thursday and Friday.

Their construction techniques are certainly different from what we normally do here in Honduras, at least so far, but WMB has constructed similarly designed buildings in over 90 countries...designed to be sturdy for earthquakes, storms, etc. and it is interesting to get to see something designed to such a degree to serve in so many different locations start to go up. It will be an exciting couple of weeks, I will post more as progress is made when I have time.

Our welder friend here is using more eye protection than I normally see. What protection you say?  Hard to see here, but he is using his left hand to hold a rectagular black piece of glass, one that I am guessing he pulled out of an welding mask at some point.   He was working on putting the doors up on the bathrooms and Channel 15 building.


Here is the hardware store dropping off just a few blocks for the building on the conveniently located neighbor's empty lot.  And as you can see, they have been getting quite a bit of rain here as of late. It makes for an easy source for water when mixing concrete when needed...and apparently a good biosphere as they found a turtle living in this little “pond.” We are praying that the rain won’t impede the work on the building in the coming week and a half!

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