Monday, December 12, 2011

Normal day

It was a regular, normal food distribution day.
We went to we were arriving, Jonathan was heading to the vegetable farm, asked us to go with him. Then he took us in to show us the new tomato plants they are trying out...trying out to see if they work well before we put more money into a larger crop.
He also introduced us to the family that is now watching over the property, a family of eight (father and one son shot both in the last seven years) now living in our small little wooden house...that house still without a bathroom or concrete floor. The house is necessary because without someone living there...things start to disappear. 
Jonathan found them and offered them to place to live and some work.
When we first met, immediately she said... “I know you from the eye brigade this year!”
After the introduction and giving her the corn, my time was spent mostly talking to Jonathan about the tomato plants, the future, what to do, the possibility of a community garden on the property, the bathroom that needed built and more. I did not get to chat much with the family.
But Jana did. She found out that the mother of the family, Adelaida, had been praying that very morning to meet someone from this “mission” that Jonathan had talked about, to know that this is where she is supposed to be, that it all made sense what they are doing and how they are living, etc.
God answers prayers...and when you are the answer to someone’s a brigade, giving a smile, a prayer...or just showing up with a bag of corn, people notice more than you might think. Kind of an encouraging...and scary thought eh?

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