Monday, December 12, 2011

Unloading by the grace of God

We unloaded the container of medical and construction supplies, rice, milk project appliances, pews, and so much more...last Thursday. It is good to see all those supplies coming off, including the eighteen thousand pounds of ceramic tile for the Church building in Teguc. Lots of work, but to see so much of it go into service straight away is very cool, especially since I was there to help watch as it was packed. So many people had a hand in that container’s items, the packing, the moving, the unloading. 
I know we have had pictures of the Ford in action before, but never one taken from such an angle, pulling up a semi. It was not my favorite thing to do, but it had to be done. Had he not been low on fuel he might have made it up in one shot and spared me from taking the time and 10 gallons siphoned from my tank to get the truck started and then help pull him up, but such is life.
Once we got the container to the clinic...I noticed just how “interesting” this particular shipper was for its choice of prime vehicles/tires.
Wow. This is not the shipper that is normally used for the clothing containers, so I expected perhaps a change or two in the procedure, but not an eighteen wheeler with 18 bald tires and 9 of them or so flat! Not to mention the fiberglass damage on the has seen quite the life apparently.

We prayed God would get the container to the clinic.

He did.

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