Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rain rain on my face...

It is only Tuesday, but it has been a rollercoaster week already.

1. Group arrived on Saturday, no problems and ready to work!
2. Sunday Church service at ICCC in Tegucigalpa was full as usual (when are we ever going to get that building done!?)
3. Halfway through the service, I was called aside (as God would have it, my seat had been taken and I was standing at the back of the Church with no room to sit...good thing as it turns out) as Gerson was frantically looking for...somebody. Somebody happened to be me, they needed someone to drive ambulance style to the hospital, as Silvia was bleeding profusely. No problem. Right before that Claudia had asked if we could go soon up to the clinic to get a bp cuff for another Church member. Well, scrap that because that person passed out, possibly a stroke, so we needed to get her to the hospital ASAP as well. Shuffle people around in the truck, and away we went. Long story short...Silvia had very high blood pressure (and did not know it.) Despite the very long lines at the emergency room, she was attended and home in a few hours...she started bleeding again the next day and came to the clinic for follow up care. I have still yet to hear how Rufina is doing.
4. We left after Church to visit some friends, Juan and Leandra first who had their home burn down in late October, trying to pick up pieces and rebuild....and God is blessing those efforts, but it is of course a long row to hoe as it were.
5. Then we went to take some food for Delmis and her family. We no more than pulled up and she was crying and coming back to the house from frantically trying to find her 14 year old daughter Doris....missing for 24 hours. We took her to the police station, she filed a report...but nothing expected from the police. We visited Monday to give her some furniture and odds and ends from the man cave only to find out that the daughter is in Olancho with some supposedly dangerous people, and it is still unclear if she went willingly (not uncommon for guys to sweep in and take a young “woman” to live with them) or not. Delmis is wanting to go after her if she can find the money to get there and back, as well as someone who knows the area to go with her to find Doris. While she is gone of course though she would have to leave her other seven children unattended, all of whom live in a house smaller than my office...with one bed (before we took them more furniture that is.)
6. Group helped a ton on Monday and Tuesday on work on the man cave. This is a small group (a family of four actually) and this was a great way to use them to catch up on some much needed work there that had been neglected for the past six months or more. Every time I catch up on cleaning/organizing/distributing in that sort of process it hits me how much we really need a “warehouse manager” full time. God knows best though, and for now this is how we have to play catch up.
7. I went to a town hall meeting at the US embassy today, mostly as executive director of His Eyes rather than for any personal reason, in case there was important or useful news or other happenings at the meeting. As usual I found myself listening during the “question” time to people that seemed to want to show how much they had to say rather than actually ask a question or get useful tips/help. I also saw these embassy employees trying to do what they can, but sensing inside myself that they were of only minimal help to me, us, the mission...if I wanted to try to grab someone’s attention and plead my case for help, I needed to take that to God. Not to say they are not helpful, not necessary, not able to get anything done...but it just seemed like a good reminder of where our priorities should be when we are not sure where to turn. I felt sorry for the embassy staff who is expected to divulge whether or not they have the bay islands under surveillance, answer for every visa denial without the facts, somehow answer how to fix Honduras security issues, etc. mostly being asked questions about which they have little to nothing to do with finding solutions or are part of their mission.
8. No word on when our trusty policeman Hernandez could be back at the clinic. With all the controversy in the police department right now, it does not look good, and that is not good for the clinic and patients.
9.  Dora's daughter Noli, after being hit by a car and via God's provision not being seriously hurt, is now waiting for another ultrasound to see if she will need surgery or what will need done with an unrelated health issue...if not for being hit by the car and needing the first ultrasound, they would not have known about this other condition/problem. 
10. Still waiting for the medical supply container (with many other supplies for the mission and sanctuary construction project) to clear customs. We are in debt to the carrier for at least $640 for demurrages (ah, a word you only learn if you have to deal with customs/shipping containers I think) and not sure when we will unload, plus praying it makes it up the hill, we have enough help, everything gets put away well, no breakage...you get the idea.
11. And to add to that, the good news/bad news is that the Tegucigalpa pre-fab sanctuary made it to port yesterday. We pray it does better clearing customs, that the crane to unload the container (we had to buy this container) can be secured, and it all comes together with no problems.

Overwhelming just fails to sum it up. There are some other big things going on as well that I am not presently at liberty to discuss...as you can imagine, even more overwhelming things...just don’t leap to any drastic conclusions from that statement, some things are just not for blogging.

And this sounds like a good time to reflect on Jars of Clay’s “old” song Flood (a song that I think can be interpreted at least two different ways depending on where you are in life, or sometimes both ways at the same time):

“Calm the storms that drench my eyes
Dry the streams still flowing
Cast down all the waves of sin
And guilt that overthrow me
Lift me up - when I'm falling
Lift me up - I'm weak and I'm dying
Lift me up - I need you to hold me
Lift me up - Keep me from drowning again"

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