Sunday, February 12, 2012

higher calling

We have a somewhat unusual group here this week...several different projects going on, the biggest of which is the raising of the false ceiling of the mission house. The idea was something we have toyed with for a while...I mentioned it to a group last July, and soon enough, a couple members from that group spearheaded putting together people to come and make it happen. 

More on that later in the week.
In addition, other members of the group are tackling some other projects as well.

Bob saw our simple skid system used to get into the containers and devised a new stair system to put in its place. He sent the lumber with the FAME container, and now is here to put it in place. Stairs....what a concept! We look forward to putting them to good use this week.

And we will be taking some further steps with the landscaping of the property! We bought 49 more plants to go around the property...mostly flowering bushes, but three coconut trees and an orange tree in the mix as well. I’ll post some “after” pictures later on in the week, as they will also be cleaning up and working with some of the other plants we already had planted last year that need some help, and might help us with some seeds they brought for a small garden, as well as help with our compost system.

Complicated, different (with some more differences/surprises coming later) should be an interesting week!

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