Monday, February 13, 2012

Quilt it!

Two of the women in the group are making a point to help with the sewing ministry...making some new cutting tables (that can be easily stowed almost like a tray table in an airplane when not needed so as to not take up valuable space in the small room...very clever!) or also helping Dora and the women with some quilting skills. 
Some of the basic skills, but also using the same basic base pattern to make over ten different quilt overall patterns. See? They make bigger squares of the smaller squares, and then can re-arrange them to form different overall patterns for the quilt. Very cool. Dora was very excited, as she has a standing order of 25 quilts for the mission, but before today...she was not sure she would ever know enough to pull it off.
I arrived early this morning to find several of the women already working on planting what we bought on Saturday (they started both down at the man cave, as well up near the parking area...more pictures tomorrow on that.) They did so well, and so fast, we went and bought another 35 plants finish what was already started, and to start some climbing vine type plants on the back fence wall of the clinic...they look beautiful and add extra protection as well (they come with lovely thorns all over them if you get “too close.”) We also bought some annual seeds to plant.
The work on the ceiling raising continues...I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow on the His Eyes Facebook page...the frame is taking shape, but it is a much bigger job in some ways than originally thought, with us needing to make extensions to the plumbing, electrical, and since we will, in about a month or so, get some ceiling fans, have to make some changes to the lighting positions in the different rooms to accommodate them. Already though, even dusty, messy, and with no ceiling tiles...seeing the difference is already very impressive.
Tomorrow...supposedly unloading another clothing container. Between all the above, the continued work on the Tegucigalpa sanctuary project (both a crew on the roof...contracted by the job instead of by day and another crew working on the walls) and the clothing container...should be a busy day tomorrow.

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