Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long Night

I don't have much time to post, as we had to go up last night on an emergency basis to unload the clothing container. The cops stopped by the semi as it was stopped to fix a tire...and from there the situation spiraled downward. There were questions about the driver and his “girlfriend” who did not have any ID, seemed underage, and the driver could not answer questions like “if you have known each other for a few years and supposedly have children together...what are her last names?”
Then they wanted to see Jana’s passport. Valerie drove up and down and all around to get that.
In the meantime, they called customs, and we eventually had some supervisor there and the police were under great suspicions that the container was full of drugs. So...we had two options: Either they take the entire container, or we unload it right then on the property while they investigated under their very strong suspicions that we were dirty.
So, with a very small crew we started after 6:00PM...with the semi on the road because he would not pull into the property for fear (did I mention we found out he was not a real driver, had a fake license, and was still “learning”?)
The policeman with the strongest suspicions pulled back in with his $50,000 vehicle (way above his pay grade...if you catch my drift) and proceeded to insult us some....while never really opening a box or bag until the very end when he was most sure the ill-gotten booty would appear.
By the time they gave up and left, we had already worked so much and had so little left to unload that we just finished it all right there, ending a little before 10:00...very quick considering how much we had to unload in the street, the small crew, and having to keep an eye on the police so that nothing went missing.
In the one was hurt, no long term problems (hopefully someone comes back for the semi and the container today), no one got a sunburn during this unloading, and Oscar got a good jab in to the policeman before he left.... “Thanks for watching us! Sorry we did not have any coffee for you!”
The group continues to are some pictures of Tuesday’s efforts.
The Honduran workers have the side walls are to start on the ends!
The false ceiling raising is really taking shape!

More quilting skills being imparted!

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Tina62 said...

We know the Lord was with you the whole while. Well said about the coffee Oscar!! You made Jesus laugh I'm sure.