Friday, February 24, 2012

Where we're going...we don't need "roads"

Thursday was another brigade day...just a drive to Guaimaca, do the brigade, head home.

Or so we thought.

We got to Talanga and the road was closed...some kind of protest.

We looked for options to go around...the obvious one (to those in the know apparently) was closed, blocked by dump trucks...sweet talking our way through it as a brigade trying to help people did not work.

I looked on the handy iPhone, dropping a pin where we were and expanding out, and saw another road that would get us into Talanga, and then hopefully out the other side and on to our destination.
How this “road” had been added to a map registry somewhere...I will never know. It was often not really a road. Had there not been some barbed wire fencing to help guide me...sometimes I felt like we were driving through just random land...and sometimes random land that limited very narrowly on both sides. There were several times when I wondered what I had gotten us into...and how we were going to back up and exit when the road would end around the next bend, which seemed more and more likely the more we drove.
Somehow...God got us through it all and...eventually after much “excitement” on to Guaimaca.
Where...lest I forget it, I was in a constant state of distraction trying to help in the dispensary, and not finding the glasses I needed (big shock there) and during one side conversation, I looked back to my hand...only to find the prescription I was looking for...but did not find? Thank you God...for the drive, the path, the glasses, the safety, the food (I had tilapia...for lunch!) and four great days of brigades that brought refreshed and/or renewed sight to so many! The great need for quality and honest healthcare, let alone the greater need for eye care, continues to impact us.

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