Friday, March 2, 2012

Ways life is better here

1. sun never rises later than 6:08 AM throughout the year

2. Speed limits are just guidelines

3. Average high temperature in Tegucigalpa ranges from 76-85 throughout the year

4. get a flat tire and you will find almost anyone happening by to offer to help you put on the spare

5. Baleadas

6. Comayagua has the oldest clock in the Americas

7. You can pass police cars while driving and not give it a second thought

8. There is always a soccer game being played somewhere

9. Pulhapanzak

10. It normally does not rain here for more than a few hours at a time (no dark, dreary days)

11. Honduran mahogany and cedar is some of the best in the world

12. The money is different colors

13. diesel is as God intended, way cheaper than gasoline

14. Honduran coffee

15. Foreigners welcome

16. no chapped lips in January

17. visiting someone at meal need to ask you are invited to eat

18. a wide variety of phonetic spellings of foreign names (guendi for Wendy my favorite)

19. Pupusas

20. Bananas just don’t taste the same anywhere else

21. occasional power outages make for time to play an entire game of Monopoly

22. Diving in Roatan

23. The Hyper-mega-super-turbo-mega-grande at Coco Baleadas

24. Easy to see above a crowd (at least for me)

25. Delivery drivers for pizza, KFC, pharmacies, natural gas all on motorcycles

26. Flat tire? Not for long...someone walking will insist on helping, or a repair shop is just around the next corner

27. Cantilever windows

28. Speed limits are just to give you an idea how fast you can safely travel

29. Parts of the country you can get a plate full of prepared shrimp for $3...or less

30. Online banking best and most flexible I have ever used

31. Shortest day here is 11 hours 17 minutes

32. Abortion is illegal

33. You like poinsettias? Want to see them grow into huge trees?

34. Seeing soccer cleats on someone at mile nine of a mini marathon

35. Cell phone options and coverage rivals many other countries

36. prescriptions not required at the pharmacy for most things non-narcotic

37. Going to the movies costs ~$3.25...~$5.50 for a 3D showing

38. The great views of Tegucigalpa from our Clinic, seeing the whole city from one spot.

39. There are twitter feeds available to monitor the traffic around Tegucigalpa

40. No telemarketers

41. immigration lady greets me with “hello handsome!” upon arriving

42. Corn and bacon pizza from Pizza House

43. No death penalty

44. Cable companies offer over 100 stations including English, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and from countries all around the world

45. White water rafting in La Ceiba

46. Have a service you pay monthly? Offer to pay a year at a time and you get 5-10% off

47. No junk mail to speak of

48. Dukes of Hazard and other interesting horn selections on passing buses

49. Random use of English in everyday Spanish conversation (Baby shower, car wash, mall, etc.)

50. Average low temperature in Tegucigalpa varies from 59-66 throughout the year

51. Seeing the rain 1/2 hour before it gets to you

52. Speak Spanish relatively well and you will get compliments every other day on it

53. Always a handy gecko around to help with the insect population

54. Stop signs are just yields in disguise

55. Visiting Punta Sal near Tela

56. Lychee fruit

57. Political TV ads...not as many as in the US by a far cry

58. Palm trees and pine trees grow in the same area

59. Mayan ruins in Copan

60. The Nacho Doritos here are better than those in the USA


your sister-in-law Laura said...

Great list...although I cannot co-sign on the pupusas & baleadas, ewwwww :)

Chad said...

What a great list and many that I experienced myself!

Laurie Matherne said...

Good work, Felipe! Good indeed. May I repost on the Gumbo? I will give you proper credit and endorsements. Any revenue will be given to God. Ha ha. I make no money from the blog but I love this post.

Cindy in California said...

Great, fun list! One question...what is "Pulhapanzak"?

Felipe Colby said...

Cindy...that is a big waterfall up near Lago de Yojoa. You can swim in the river above, as well as walk below to the falls and even behind them to some small caves...intimidating, but very cool

Cindy in California said...

Thanks, Felipe. Sound beatiful and yes, a little intimidating!

Heather Micaela said...

Not sure about #9 or #56...although we did see a very impressive waterfall with one group when I was down there...probably the same one. Love you guys!

Felipe Colby said...

Heather...#9 is indeed that impressive waterfall!

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