Thursday, March 15, 2012

tredding water

While blogging can be cathartic, I have had zero time to devote to it...even now I really should be doing other work tonight rather than this, but I am behind, so I’ll try to be informative, prayer seeking...and perhaps flirt with some brevity. 
While the ICO FCO group was here the White Ford took ill...mucho dinero later, and back on the road (first they had us replace the clutch, which turned out not to be the problem. Fixing some pieces in the transfer case...and that fixed the problem.) Fortunately with that group we just used the Land Cruiser...but I am continually reminded that given the age of the Fords and the size of our groups...perhaps if this auction for government vehicles comes to pass (where we got the Land Cruiser) that perhaps the mission needs another vehicle for groups, especially when we have bigger groups. Something to think about in that theoretical space of “when I have time.”

We were able to loan Jose Luis some cash to buy a motorcycle for his work as pastor in Talanga. We are still in the trial phase with him, so a full vehicle is not something we are anticipating doing at least for the time being. This one was very reasonably priced...a Church member there offered the bike to him at such a price to help him be more mobile. Here he and Oscar are talking after one of the FAME brigade days, as he speaks enough English to make a decent translator, and great prayer warrior before and during the brigades as well.

We are digging out the container wall? Why? Well...there was some movement after our carefully laid plans last year, and we don’t that to get we are digging out to use a group coming up to fill with rock cribs (surely pictures will be forthcoming) and settle a little more carefully to prevent a reoccurrence. Fun, fun, fun!
The road to Comayagua is much more completed now...outside still major construction in Teguc and near Comayagua, the vast majority of the road is complete and four lane. Along with the lines on the road and medians...there are several signs for...rabbits? Very scary rats? We need a rabbit crossing sign? Are they endangered? Do they think anyone will actually slow down for...a rabbit?

Finally got to stand inside the 98% sealed TSP building this week working with the current group (here you can see them laying block along the edge of the lower level of the sanctuary) is so big! That much I already “knew.” But I did not anticipate it to be so quiet and so cool inside. The building itself and design is very impressive. Seeing it bit by bit...I sometimes can’t wait to see it done....but all in God’s timing.

Met this little boy in Sampedrana during the FAME brigade...he is six. Mom says school not coming in his immediate future. I noticed his shoes were rubber work boots. I inquired about what I presumed...yes, he works full time in the coffee harvest. It took some doing to get him to smile. But smile he did. Overall I still marveled at the huge change in the overall hygiene, level of living and less urgent cases seen versus the first brigades we did there eight years ago. Training, education, loving, and presence do make a just takes time.

Had to get a picture of Alfonso (our coffee farm manager) and his full family at the FAME brigade. I am happy to report that the kids and mom who came to the brigade...were totally healthy, just needed some of those super powerful vitamins. We are working with Alfonso to get ~30,000 coffee plants in our property in a home made nursery of sorts in the coming month.


The current group also made good use of the scaffolding we had made (this is just a small portion of the total we made)...much cheaper in the short/long run than rental, and who knows...we may rent them out ourselves in the future if we find them less urgently necessary...say in a year or two

I’m tired. It may not always feel like it...but that is a good thing.

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