Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A thousand words

A thousand words would not sum up everything I have been seeing and doing lately. No time for blogging for the most part, but I got some pictures, thought we could take a virtual walk through some of what has been going on...or at least that which I had the time to grab the camera to record.
We had some help in the quilt teaching deparment, getting Dora to the point where she will be able to continue making them for the mission as time permits (not sure how much we will teach the women in the project this skill for the time being.) She had a lot of help on this first one from the women that were here in early February...this is the finished product which will proudly hang on the wall of the mission house.
 We finished the load of corn we received last year. As in years past...as we neared the end, we threw out some of what the mice had gotten into, just not safe to give to people. Some people got wind of it...and spent hours going through kernel by kernel to pick up what they could for food (hard to see in the picture, but they are there0...and were very grateful. Any doubts that might creep in how much need there is here, how much that corn is really appreciated by those that receive it...that image burns in my mind to remind me of the reality. 
 Channel 15 building in Talanga coming along...after Oscar and company put in several days earlier this month. He is out there for the entire week this week with three guys from near here, plus hiring (and giving rice to) some of the guys from the rehab facility there in Talanga. Hopefully by the end of the week...it will be ready for using in April!

Have I posted this before? Just wanted to show a wide shot of how much you can see the new Church sanctuary building from afar.

The trash truck now regularly passes by the clinic. I was dropping off clothing on Monday and on my way back, decided to wait for them as they removed the trash. Only...here in Honduras, the trash guys, to supliment their income, sort all the trash before compacting...removing plastics and other recyclables, putting them into bags which they store on top of the truck (even using the wheels of the truck back and forth to compact the materials for easier carrying.) It may explain why they take so long on their routes...I waited for several minutes just at our little stop. 

Cantaranas foundation and wall work continues, the congregation there putting in all the effort...very encouraging...and scary, as they are going fast, and praying that we might find a donor willing to help put up the roof to try to finish by this summer!

The bike we finally decided on for Alfonso in Sampedrana. We looked in the papers, we looked at dealers for used bikes, we wanted a known brand...but what we had donated and with what bikes cost...we ultimately decided on the Chinese knock off KMF 250, but at least it was brand new. We hope it will last up there a good long while, we shall see, we have to coordinate getting it to him first. 

After three weeks of groups, what better way to take time off by the very next day taking a trip to a US embassy auction! We were looking to bid on many items, lot numbers 340 and above. Little did we know...it started at 1, and after over three hours, they were only to lot number 130. We gave up and went home...no extra generator, furniture, back up batteries, used AC untis or fridges for us.  It was interesting while we were there...and it did get me thinking after seeing lot after lot of furniture, seeing all the items we did not even get to bid on (they had probably seven brand new generators never out of the box, not to mention the ones that were actually used)...."Where does the US embassy use all this stuff, and why do they have auctions to sell it off at least once or twice a year?"   

But...I have enough to do, so like many things whirling through my mind...I let it go into the wind.  Unfortunately...no wind turbines at the auction. 

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