Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And April?

How about summing up April in one post, especially since I did not post in almost all of April? 
We will try to stick to an update via pictures. I don’t have any pictures for all the cool/interesting/motivational/touching stories from the clinic (Valerie seems averse to taking pictures...well, sometimes technology in general, but that is another topic for another time) so just rest assured...that ministry continues unabated, strong and providing a physical and spiritual reminder that Jesus loves you.

Let us get the depressing out of the way first.

I won’t lie, this year has been rough for the mission, for us, for me, for the Churches. Please pray for our physical, emotional, and spiritual individuals, a mission, and multiple bodies of believers. April brought the need for us to meet with the leadership of the Church in Sampedrana, and the end of Gender being the pastor there. I won’t go into the details in this public medium, just say that in following the Bible’s teaching, there was a need for a pastoral change. This was not easy, not something we were wanting or planning to do, and came up quite suddenly. The meeting was ultimately encouraging for God leading the Church into the future, but as you can see from this picture, brought more than one of us to tears. 

Otherwise in Sampedrana, Alfonso continues to work on the Hill Climber coffee property. Here you can see a small nursery he started at his house for coffee plants. Small in size...but I believe he said there were roughly 10,000 plants there. They need to be transplanted to bigger individual bags for further care and maturing before being planted, that process will begin soon, up on the actual property. 
The goal is not 10,000 plants...but more like 35,000 or more.  That should be enough for 2012 at any rate.  The property could potentially hold much more than that...(more than 60,000)

Also we used a group’s trip to Sampedrana to distribute food and encourage the Church after the announcement of Gender stepping down to also take three drainage tiles for the road to the property. There are some creeks and drainage that run through the road, and without tiles...the road will be impassable fairly soon when the big rains begin. Ask the group though...the road to get there is already fairly interesting, and they did not even go all the way up! Four wheel drive, even in dry weather, is a must every time.
Here is one of the tiles in the back of Oscar's Ford (pray for it as well...running, but not well, and has been in the shop while they try to figure out what needs to be done.  115,000 miles on a truck in Honduras, going where we go, means it gets quite a workout on a regular basis. 
Along the trek that day, Alfonso gave us a big bag of raspberries harvested nearby from wild bushes, and a gentleman with those awesome “royal lemons” let us take a few they were not going to need. Raspberry lemonade anyone? We are looking at planting these wild raspberry bushes into a fence for the coffee property, providing a crop, as well as thorns to keep cattle and anything else from just moseying into the property, that will happen later this year as time permits Alfonso to do so.   Who knows, we may end up making raspberry and other jams/jellies in a few years.
Speaking of Alfonso, we finally got the new motorcycle delivered to more walking two hours or more with tools on his shoulders to get to work on the property!
Of course it was raining that day...nothing like starting off on the right wet foot! The motorcycle is a cheaper Chinese bike (KMF)...we just could not afford a Honda or Yamaha with the donations received, but this brand new bike should work well for the next few years...and by that time he will hopefully need a truck to haul all the coffee, workers, etc.!

Talanga’s Channel 15 building is now complete...after much love and labor from Oscar, some paid help, and volunteers. They made the move last week, and now we have a secure building, a greater tie between the station and the Church, and no rent payments every month! The property still has work to be done in the future of course, but this is a big step. Second floor work is not planned until the station starts covering some of its expenses again...for the time being Jose Luis will live in the studio building itself.  (Note the wood framing in front...that is the future home for what you will see in the picture below.)

Pastor Jose Luis in Talanga has gotten involved with the clothing ministry to try to do more outreach, as well as generate some income for himself as well. There is no quintessential clothing ministry store type...some are indoors, some smaller, some bigger, some have hangers, some tables, some on a tarp. They all might look different, but all have the same goal. (Jonathan started another store in Villa de San Francisco with the goal beyond the obvious outreach factor to generate enough funds to give a pastor we know an offering to feed his family and enable him to work as a pastor there...we will see how that continues to develop. His Eyes is not in a position to take on financially another Church plant, but God is moving things forward there without our direct/monthly financial support!)

The TSP progresses, albeit slower now. Donations are continuing to come in...but slowly, and that has us thinking carefully about what we can do and when. The floor was a big step, and is now done. We plan on using a group in May to put up the walls for the bathrooms and porch, and then take a look at the donations coming in to see if we can start on the false ceiling and/or electrical wiring. After that...bathroom fixture/plumbing, lighting/fans, dry wall, offices/sound booth, and the last step will likely be putting in the tile floor and window fixtures....that is...still quite a bit to be done! We won’t make our goal of June...we are now praying we might be done before November, if the donations are there that is more than doable.

The rock wall...continues. The goal with the greater welding and securing of the containers, and the future beefed up columns along with this rock wall is to not have to deal with any issues in the future of the ground pushing our retaining wall beyond its boundaries. Big project, but hopefully will be finished with the big labor next month, and we will let nature/gravity/rains to move some of the earth back into the hole over the next several months, and then pretty up that area very close to the clinic probably in early 2013 after everything has settled properly.

 Cantaranas...the Church continues to put in the work to see the building go up! They are still making the blocks, and doing everything required. Jonathan’s only request to the mission is helping with the roof for this big building. Pray funds would be designated for that roof...I am not sure how much we will be able to help when they are ready (and that will be soon with the rate they are going!) since the cost will easily exceed $5,000 for the materials (even with them doing all the labor to get it installed....steel/metal is getting more expensive all the time!)

April was a busy month. God is moving in always incredible ways. The enemy is pushing back as well. Busyness, stress, problems...they all take a toll on all of us, I know they do for me, but join us in prayer that He who is greater than all our problems would renew us, restore us, regenerate us for His work, His glory, His honor...that He might be praised!

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Wonderful work you continue to do there in Honduras, Felipe & family!
Thanks for the update! The Ohlsens