Monday, April 2, 2012


No particular good reason for this post other than curiousity, irony, levity and inquisitiveness, not necessarily in that order, but purposely in that order, if you caught my slightly clever drift. did this branch get stuck in these cables/wires? I see no remnants of any tree below for quite some time. Curiosity. 

Translation “Your envy strengthens me” Except....strengthen is misspelled. Irony.

I try to notice people’s names. This cashier’s name is Darlyn. Darlyn is a man. Combination of Darwin and Dylan? Do people come up to him and sing “Oh little Darlyn”? Inquisitiveness
Sticker on the left says “Convert and believe in the Gospel” It would seem this sticker was placed over another sticker, leaving the arrow from this former sticker to imply....convert and believe in the Gospel of Toyota. I wondered if that is a different kind of “plug in concept.” least to me.

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