Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another brick in the dry wall

We have a group here.  This is very good...in general.  Also very good as they are pretty cool, hard workers, and hard workers on putting up dry wall in the TSP.  The goal is to finish both side walls with dry wall up to where the eventual false ceiling will go, and they should easily finish that by tomorrow afternoon, we might even get to pour the floor for the bathrrooms with them before the day is out!  The red tinge to the windows you might be noticing...is to protect the dry wall in case it rains.  The guys coming to install the windows that had said they would start on Monday...have yet to arrive. 

Please continue to pray about how the TSP would continue.  It is amazing to think we have made it this far, and that is all through the many donations made to get us here.  We are using groups to push forward, but need to hire out some work as well for the specialized things if we are indeed going to finish before the end of the year.   It is totally doable...we just need to have the funds in place to continue, not that we are going too fast by any means, but it is something we are thinking about as we plan for the offices to be built, how we will approach the false ceiling, laying tile etc. 

I bought some "third quality" wood today to use for the scaffolding.  Price was well more than half off.  Considering it was for standing and not building anything (and that they did not have anything else and I was already late)...that was more than fine.  In keeping with the proper custom of having something red hanging off your load...the lot manager found a rusty nail, a block of random wood to drive it into the end of one of the boards, and found a floating red ice cream bar wrapper.  Boom.

We have another two interns here right now.  Amy (pre-med) is working at the clinic and staying with Oscar's family.  Rachel is going into optometry this fall at IU and staying with us for her time here.  They got here the same day as the group.  Rachel is fitting in well at the house already and being quite the good sport...seen here in Cecilia's beauty salong getting her hair "styled." 

She also got to see a patient with Valerie today who thought her blood pressure was fine as she came in for other symptoms.  Turns out after seeing the tell tale signs in her eye exam and getting a good bp check:  230/150. 

We unloaded another clothing container yesterday.  Getting to our campus to unload is not even worth contemplating with the shape of the road right now.  The particular driver of the semi was not pleased at all even with the state of the road just off the anillo where we usually unload in these times.  He flat stopped in the middle of the road and pouted.  I told him to just sit there, it would take us much longer, but we would work around it and unload there.  He pouted some more and then all of the sudden...went quite easily up the hill he said was unpassable.  In the end, we got it unloaded (using the Ford and the sand truck we hired again...seen here), it just took four hours instead of the normal two.  Unfortunately, while helping unload Jana hurt her back...please pray for that as well that she would feel better and be restored. 

What else?  Kids out of school as of today.  Both are going back in July for summer school the entire month, not because they are behind...but rather to try to get them further ahead in their studies, especially if they miss a few weeks in November if it works out to take them when Valerie comes up for the FCO conference and ICOM. 

I picked up Cecilia from school this morning (she just had a few things left to do) on my way to get supplies for the group (screws, level, the wood, etc.)  and upon waiting a few minutes with me at the first stop Cecilia said, obviously bored:  "I wanna go back to school!" 

We are hearing that the vehicle auction (possibly a big one for us, Oscar and the mission) will be Thursday and Friday...please pray for God's guidance in every way on this. 

Pineapples here are ripe...and better than ever, so sweet, juicy, and even the cores are soft and great for snacking. 

That about covers the last few days I think. 

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