Monday, June 18, 2012

Picture grab bag

So I have been saving some pictures to share, some of them for quite a while. They don't fit in any regular blog posting, so I am going to unceremoniously dump them here, with some captions of course.

Cars here are just so much more interesting.  Different brands, models, styles....flames on four door sedans....tributes to Voltron and Transformers on hoods and trunks....Office fans promoting Dunder Mifflin on the streets of Tegucigalpa.   

So much I could say about this picture, but the main reason I took it: Abbreviations abound now in society at large. Jesus is too old we say (which works in Spanish as well as English) G-sus

 Grenade Jesus

There are so many more interesting vehicles, stickers, etc. to see...every day.  Sometimes humorous, sometimes confusing, sometimes doctrinally suspect, but always something to stimulate the mind. 

I was invited into one of the shops that makes some of the interesting decorative wood items for sale in Valle de Angeles.  It was another store offering me a kickback if I pushed our groups only to buy from their store. 

Here you can see the beginning slab, and the after finished product. 

Also I love the pieces made from rosewood...especially the pieces from the "garbage" wood that shows the different colors that run through these trees.  This is the same piece...shown looking down into the bowl that was made, and then from the side. 

Dare to dream...we saw this home sitting in a local eatery.  It looks perfect:  old enough to need repairs (cheaper) yet big enough for the family, offices, interns, friends, garden and multiple vehicle parking.  Plus just across the street from good sushi. 

When the group was here it was discovered that the Blue Ford needed a new battery.  Oscar and I arrived at PriceSmart a few minutes before opening at 10:00AM.  We were starting to wonder if it was Black Friday in June there were so many people waiting to get inside...and this only shows those waiting to the left of the doors.  We were hoping there was some big sale or something...but alas, it appears to be just "normal."    

In the "jungle" where we live, there are many of these verse signs hanging on trees, fences, etc.  I had somehow missed this one, and besides the nice background (lovely vegetation and barbed wire) I was struck by the famous verse:          The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

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