Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shotgun post

The 13th anniversary of the Church in San Juancito was a few weeks ago...here is a great picture of pastor Jonathan standing in the Sunday School rooms they are building there....very encouraging to see them progress the work in ways they see needs and not waiting for us or someone else to come up with an idea or any money even.


This is a shot from inside during the service Oscar took.

The current group arrived on Saturday. They helped with a food distribution on Sunday after Church, and yesterday and today have been helping hang dry wall on the second floor offices, mud the dry wall, and Leah is back again this year with the group helping Dora and Jana with new ideas for the sewing ministry.
Also in this picture you can see Teto working with metal...the handrail and guardrail for the second floor.   

They will be doing more this week...but we have another group arriving tomorrow for a few days that will be breaking up...two with me to Talanga to set up the donated TV equipment, bringing the TV station flying into the 21st century, the other helping more with the specialized work on the Church building in Tegucigalpa (he will stay with Oscar.)   I'll be in Talanga, Jana with the other group bulk, and Oscar with Gene. 

If you have not gathered yet...this week is pretty busy.   

Before I forget...we unloaded another clothing container on Saturday. By we I mean Jana, Oscar, Jessi and a bunch of other help. The big truck that was to help ran out of diesel. The Blue Ford was down, and so Andy (our nickname for the ambulance style Land Cruiser) was called into duty to ensure things did not take until nightfall.

Otherwise this week...while the group has been working inside on the Church building, Carlos, Reynaldo and Juan have been putting finishing touches on the sidewalk, still more to do, but they are making quick work of it.
After putting a finished look to the front, they will add the steps. 

And a rare picture...ties and sans fanny pack. It called for a picture to be sure. 

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Lindsey Vanzant said...

I hardly recognize Oscar without his man purse! Great pic.