Thursday, July 26, 2012


My back is still hurting. Nothing like a visit to the hospital to see sick children to put that in a more proper perspective.

I thought I did well interacting and helping the group pray for the kids, saw some nearby neighbors that even knew where the clinic was, plus of course the people that were sometimes literally "at the end of the road" in a couple different areas of our country.

The very last patient we saw though...while all are tough and present unique challenges on how to best reach them, pray for them...this one made it a little hard for me to talk without crying. From starting chatting with both parents, to translating, to asking for prayer and finding that this was the one situation where the group put it back on me to not just translate but lead the was a bit of a struggle, and I was not able to stifle my inner struggle dealing with it all.  I might have in fact a heart after all. 

Marcos is three and a half years old. He has had seven different surgeries for hydrocephalous (different shunts...problems with infections) one of which requiring a four month stay in the hospital. His parents used to have social security to go to the hospital there...I asked which is better and surprisingly they said the perceived lower tier Hospital pause to thinking about getting the governmental social security and depending on that for health care needs. His developmental age is 2-3 months old, and given being in and out of his condition, inability to eat properly, etc...his prognosis for a long, further developing life by human means is not good.

The Holy Spirit apparently gave words to the groaning of my heart. Mom was crying as we ended the prayer. I think I hid most of my tears in the words, I am not sure.

Not sure how this comes across to you, dear reader, but the whole situation to me epitomized God not calling the prepared but preparing the called, and I do not mean that in the puffing myself up sort of way, but the humbling recognition that I am not worthy, and yet was still used....make no mistake who deserves the credit for any edification, encouragement and/or support received by those two very loving, very patient, very obviously struggling (and understandably so) parents.

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