Thursday, August 30, 2012

Building progress

How impressive is all the work being done on the TSP?
The first picture shows some work actually done not by us but by Miguel and guys from the Church...the dug a ditch near the side of the building near the containers to route the water away from the foundation and out to the street. Eventually they plan on cementing the “channel” for erosion prevention.
They need that channel because of the downspouts being the water coming down where it hits is coming a lot stronger and faster than before. Getting those installed on both sides of the building was quite a bit of work...and high work. Not to mention finishing the corners of the building, the soffet all the way around....things that are seen if not done but once finished you don’t notice them.

Reynaldo finished the stucco work on the foundation inside and out all the way around where it will be seen...including the sidewalk. That was a big project, and looks so nice...again, one of those things that finished just fades in to the background, but was obvious before being done.



The sound booth structural work is coming along the wall and window both are done. There is still a ton of dry wall work to be done all over the building...mostly finishing work, just a little bit more to for the false ceiling seen in this shot...but we continue to get help and make great strides in that regard, especially from all the groups that have been here.

Lights are going up! Before we hang the false ceiling trying to get all the wiring done makes the process easier. So first everything was measured and lined out, and then the lights go up...each hung separately so that they will just sit in the false ceiling, which will be safer in the long run than the alternative. Notice the romex? Not sure we would have been able to put in such great wiring had it not been for a very generous donation from a brother in the USA. Much appreciated!

Your donations are seriously making all this work possible.  Those $26 per square foot are being spent as soon as they come in...quite a few feet down, fewer every day to go.  Please pray for donations to keep coming in, and if so moved you can also make a donation here via the link


And one non TSP project of protect our nice trees...and growing watermelons, we put up a better fence around the man cave garden...not only for the garden but to keep falling children from further injuries (also fixed some of the guardrail in front of the mission house.)  We had the paint, some of the metal, and the welder, so it was about time.  To keep interlopers out I suggested a slight electrical addition to the fence, but we will probably just see how this goes for the time being.


Laurie Matherne said...

Seriously rethink adding electricity to that handrail. Children enter the building just yards away 3x a week. Per week, over 200 little clients pass through our doors, or 70 to 80 per day. Many, many would touch your fence.

Felipe Colby said...

I know...those are the interlopers for which we need the fence in the first place! :-)

Besides...the electrical I was considering was like cattle fence I experienced when I was a kid...enough to make you not want to touch it again, but not enough to hurt it would be signed to let you know, not a surprise by any means. Not saying we are going to do it by any means...but the thought did at least cross my mind....especially watching stubborn kids like I was who touch it over and over for whatever odd reason passes through their heads.