Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick familial update

Ministry continues, no doubt.  I have been remiss in posting, mostly with the inner struggle of not thinking I have anything worthwhile to write, a bit of a funk if you will.  Especially since my personal ministry has been as of late catching up on administrative duties from the past several months, which albeit necessary, do not always make for the most compelling story telling.  So much paperwork, thought, planning (getting ahead on plans for 2013, budgets, reports for the board, Hill Climber coffee planning, etc.) is probably a full time job in and of itself, but what else is new?  Everybody at His Eyes wears at least several hats. 
Speaking of which, Valerie continues to be recharged enough every day to handle her doctoral duties in the clinic, while trying to squeeze in the daily administrative stuff, and then some more work when she gets home.  Her foot continues to bother her, more so now even than a few weeks ago...which means using crutches again, and avoiding all walking when possible.  She saw the doctor again and submitted paperwork to the insurance company hoping they will cover an MRI to see what the status is, so some further evaluation of how to treat it can be done.  Hopefully the insurance company will give us a good answer in a week. 
Soren's birthday was on the 8th.  Despite some deep inner conversations on where his special meal out would be (Chili's, TGI Friday's and Denny's were apparently hotly considered as well as he constantly reminded us in the weeks prior) in the end he defaulted to Pizza Hut.  Valerie is still on her strict no gluten diet, so we opted to just watch Soren and Cecilia eat two personal pan pizzas in between their running around, through, up and down the huge play area. 

Cecilia likes having her picture taken much, much, much more often than Soren, often requesting such pictures, and often if she finds the camera available takes her own pictures, and hilarious videos.  Here we find her dressed up for Honduran independence day celebrations at her school yesterday....independence day is actually today, September 15th.  There are parades (in the cool overcast day...much easier on people staging and marching/parading for hours) and the din of traffic from our house is subsided to almost nil. 

The dress she is wearing was made specifically for her (it says LEMPIRA across the chest) and has qutie a few accessories.  Seamstress work here is much cheaper than the US if you were curious (under $20 for this dress), and it is customary for children to dress up in fokeloric attire on days like today.  Hmmmm, maybe I can convince her to wear that when she visits the US...that would be certainly a conversation starter!

And what education would be complete without doing a display of the solar system?    Pour Pluto is out, making the old mnemonic device I learned in school defunct, but still we had a nice side educational lesson talking about the "third rock from the sun," the "red planet" and how this is not exactly to scale with the size of the sun. 

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